About us

Fueled by tradition and experience, off to the future!

Autokomerc Center Airport

Autokomerc Ltd. 30 years of successful business.

Autokomerc Ltd. is the oldest domestic private company in the automobile industry. It was founded in 1992.

During 30 years, our company has been dealing with car selling and car service for new and used vehicles, constantly improving and expanding its scope of service and offer. Business has been organized according to EU standards. Professionalism, and high quality business model have positioned Autokomerc as the most successful domestic company in the automotive industry.

Autokomerc is an official authorized car dealerships for renown car brands.

Principal business activity of Autokomerc is:

At our showrooms, built to high standards of premium brands we represent, our clients can find a remarkable offer of new vehicles.

Apart from being an official authorised dealer for Volkswagen and Audi, our business activity means also this:

Autokomerc Used Vehicles, Autokomerc Logistic,, Autokomerc Karting center, Autokomerc racing team and Autokomerc  Rent a Car.

Tradition of 30 years, love for cars, high quality service of selling and servicing cars, as well as the reliability, efficiency and professional devotion to the work, resulted in having clients to trust us. Constant improvement of relation to the clients and theirs satisfaction is our future challenge in every segment of our business.

To and a half decades brought to us a rich experience and knowledge. This remarkable jubilee is also a commitment for in future to be up to date with modern trends, and to apply it to domestic market and to represent ourselves as the lieders in the automotive industry.

Our regular clients are our best reference!